Young Love


Summer Rain

Hello! This is Jason.

As you get older life seems to become more complicated and fewer uniquely new life experiences present themselves, but I guess that is a part of getting older. A fine example of this is when you were in your teens and you would travel on vacation with your parents. Often there would be other kids there of the same age and always that of the opposite sex. You could always meet girls at home, but the one thing that really was different when away was that you were both outside your social circles. Nobody knew anything about the other. As a kid you are usually confined to some sort of social circle of people, and that comes with certain hang ups, peer pressure, etc. that might shape your behavior or chances with the opposite sex. All of these things are gone when you are far away from home. When I was in my teens this was something I found ideal. Usually your parents were preoccupied with something else, so you had a lot of free time and time to be alone with the girl you just met. To add to the excitement, you are both in an exotic location that can only enhances the excitement of it all. Granted these relationships would never last. You both would say you would keep in touch when it was time to head home, but deep inside you knew at some point it would end. (This was pre-internet) Now that I am older I am kind of glad it was that way. You got to have all the fun of a new relationship and having it end via something neither of you could control rather than it fall apart via irreconcilable differences.

Now that I am older, I am happy with how my life has turned out, but you can’t help but daydream every now again about what it once was like. It’s impossible to ever live that life again. You are older wiser and have too much experience to ever be that innocent about love again. I guess that’s something best left where it’s at. Memories of orange sunsets at the beach.

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