I Bought A Mansion!


Hello! It’s me Jason again. This year is showing to be a year of many major changes in my life. As you know early this year my wife gave birth to our first daughter May(明以).

This summer I spent my weekends and holidays searching for a mansion with my wife and daughter. It was a more painful experience than it seems. The realtor shows you two mansions you are interested in seeing and then an endless amount of mansions you have little to no interest in looking at. It was painful, but it seems every one of them does that.

After months of looking at places that seemed right for us, but then having a critical flaw, we found the place for us. This was back in late August. Last month we signed all the papers, paid the fee, etc. and now it’s ours! Yay! We moved in two weeks ago and are still in the endless process of unpacking, but it is really nice to finally be done with that and have space to stretch our legs.

Sorry for the short entry lacking many details, but this is the Internet and you have to be safe. Thanks for understanding. See you next time!